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Where is it used


Where is it used


Where is it used


Where is it used


Flooring works

Engineering excellence "PROTEKTA" for all weather conditions.
Crystallization & Porosity Reduction
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Protekta Base is a porosity reducing crystallization product. It is supplied as a liquid that can be easily applied to the surface by spray or brush. Consisting of a combination of silicates and special proprietary chemicals it is used as a penetrating sealer and surface hardener on concrete. Protekta Base forms a sub-surface insoluble calcium silicate hydrate complex in the form of crystals in pores, capillaries and cracks. It greatly improves resistance to water and contaminants.


• All type of pours cementitious surface

• Most concrete / masonry surfaces: roofs

• Roads, bridges, decks

• Cracks and voids

Impregnants, Anti Corrossion
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Protekta Silane Cream is a low molecular weight, low volatility and creamy consistency to ensure deep penetration and also easy to see what surface is covered. High quality water repellency can be achieved even in the most dense concrete. Once the product has been applied to the concrete surface, it penetrates deeply into the substrate and polymerizes binding permanently with substrate, forming a permanent hydrophobic layer, which resists water, chloride ion and other pollutants.


It can be used on reinforced concrete structures including bridges, piers, stones and marbles.

Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete
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Protekta Emulsion KR-2 is a white liquid,designed to be a part of the water content of the concrete mix that when added into concrete/plaster mix, results in excellent water repellency of the concrete/plaster. Specially formulated silane - siloxane emulsion, it is solvent-free and water based. It easily mixes with concrete/plaster, gets permanently bonded with the concrete/plaster and cannot be washed out.


It can be used for freshly made concrete and mortar, RMC, manufacture of low slump cement/concrete blocks, concrete pavers, & precast cement products.

Elastomeric Coating
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Protekta Flexjoint is an extremely flexible polymer obtained through specific polymerisation of different acrylics. Supplied as a ready to use thick white paste. Protekta Flexjoint provides a durable and flexible surface coating. It is a durable and flexible coating for different parts of the building including roof.


It can be used on any concrete or natural stone, materials where expansion and contraction may occur and where strong bonding with the old surface is required.

Why Techdry

Tech - Dry is headquartered in Bangalore, India and was established in 1992 in collaboration with Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems Pvt Ltd., Melbourne Australia. Over the last twenty years, TDI has developed into a very highly regarded waterproofing and building restoration company in India with a very wide range of products.

Manufacturers of the Protekta range of construction chemicals and an established leader in Building waterproofing, Repair, Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation.

Our products are of the highest quality and have been developed through rigorous scientific research. Tech Dry products are simple to use and offer unmatched solutions for waterproofing and protection of both new and historic buildings and construction structures such as buildings, homes, temples, palaces, bridges and sidewalks made of concrete, or other natural stones, tiles, stucco and brick materials.


Building protection products with scientific excellence
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