Expansion Joint

Protekta EJR                                                                                                                                         

An expansion joint sealant.

Protekta EJR is a unique sealant for expansion/ construction joint derived through polymerization of acrylic and acrylates.


It can be used for expansion joint / construction joint and cracks upto 100mm width.


•   Provides strong bonding, excellent adhesion,
    excellent weathering, excellent durability, heat
    and U.V resistance
•   Unlike other sealants, allows very high degree
    of joint movement
•   Once dry it can withstand continuous water immersion
•   Does not shrink


1. The surface should be clean and free from
    dust, loose particles, oil and grease.
2. For joints with a width of upto 50mm Protekta EJR should
    be applied to a depth of equal to half the width. So for a
    50mm wide joint, Protekta EJR should be applied to achieve
    a thickness of 25mm. Between 50-100mm the maximum
    thickness required is 30mm.
3. Lay Shalicoat (back up product) if the underlying space
     needs to be filled.
4. Apply 2 or 3 coats of Protekta Flexjoint as a primer.
5. Once primer is dry, Protekta EJR should be applied
     in thin layers, each not exceeding 4 mm thickness.
     In other words multiple layers will have to be
    applied to build the thickness required.
6. Drying of each layer must be ensured before next
    layer is applied.
7. After a day, it is advisable to cover Protekta EJR
    and joints by using Protekta Flexjoint.

Dosage : 1 running mt /kg of 25mm width, 12mm depth

Packing : 20L, & 50L (other sizes available upon request)