Soil Stabilization

Protekta RGS 300                                                                                                                               

Soil stabilization.

Protekta RGS-300 is an inorganic sealer with some organic additives that works to stabilize and strengthen soil. It is a viscous liquid that can be sprayed on soil for use as a penetrating sealer / surface hardener on the soil to improve its CBR Value. It is a specially made product, which is sprayed on the soil.


This product has the capacity to bind the soil in sub grade commercial roadways.


•   Sprayed over soil for porosity reduction
•   As a sealer on existing road bases
•   For soil stabilization and helps construct strong compacted stabilized roads
•   Controls dust
•   Increases load bearing strength of all type of soils


1.   The surface should be clean and free from dust, loose particles oil and grease.
2.   Level the dumped soil with wheel loader and motor grader, according to survey marks.
3.   Furrow the in-situ soil to a depth of 100-150mm.
4.   Rake the soil until it is fine and big rocks are removed.
5.   Protekta RGS - 300 solution is to be diluted as recommended below with water to assist with uniform
      when one spray applied.
6.   Spray the Protekta RGS - 300 solution over the demarcated area till it is saturated to a depth of nearly 1 ft.
7.   Mix the soil with motor grader with Scarifier blades until a uniform colour is achieved in soil.
8.   Soil should be mixed thoroughly (back and forth) to get the optimum moisture content.
9.   Compact the soil (2 passes on full vibration mode in one direction).
10. Compact the treated area further with a pneumatic roller if a smooth surface is required.
11. Repeat the sequence till it becomes smooth / hard / stabilize with very high CBR Value.

Second Day : Compact the soil (2 passes on full vibration mode in reverse direction). If the weather is hot,
Spray plain water and compact.

Dosage : Dry soil: dilute with water 1:50, Normal Soil: dilute with water 1:30 & Wet Soil: dilute with water 1:20

Packing : 20, 50, & 200 Kg drums (other sizes available upon request)