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Tech-Dry (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TDI)
is a successful, family-owned business that began 20 years ago as a joint venture with Tech Dry Building Protection Systems Pty. Ltd. Australia.

Our Heritage :

TDI was founded by Dr Surendra P Bhatnagar, an illustrious scientist and business leader. He had a PhD in Organic Chemistry and several significant associations C.Chem. (London), FRSC, FNASc., Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA. He had wide industrial and research experience, a large number of research publications and patents to his credit. Dr. Bhatnagar set up several major pharmaceutical and chemical research centers and manufacturing units in India, and brought several large multinationals into the Indian market.

Dr. Bhatnagar started TDI in 1992 through a collaboration with his close friend Dr. Douglas A. Kagi and owner of Tech Dry Building Protection Systems Pty. Ltd. Australia itself a spin-off of years of scientific research conducted by Dr. Douglas A. Kagi at the Victoria Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

True to his enthusiastic style, TDI soon became Dr. Bhatnagar’s passion. Even though he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1997, his unwavering enthusiasm for growing TDI into a highly respected company based on the values of scientific integrity and innovation, kept TDI motivated. This constant testing of our products on major market sectors has given us a invaluable input for creating a stronger R&D.

Being a family-owned business, TDI has been fortunate to have brought into our fold both employees and customers who have become part of the family. Much to our deep sorrow, in a swift and painful twist of fate, Dr. Bhatnagar passed away at the end of March 2011. Although Dr. Bhatnagar is not with us, his leadership and spirit will remain our guiding light.

Dr. Bhatnagar’s daughter, Aparna Kumar, took over the reigns of TDI in April 2011. She has been involved in the management of the company since its inception. Aparna holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from the Australian National University, Canberra, Postdoctoral Training at Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA and has an MBA from Kellogg School of Business Management, Evanston.

TDI began distribution through trained applicators. In 1993, we established an equal partnership application company in Bangalore, Building Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd.(BPS). Lead by Mr R N Kaura, a B.Tech. from IIT, Delhi, BPS undertook some of the most difficult and critical waterproofing projects. Over the last 16 years, BPS treated more than 7000 buildings for almost all the major builders in the city, including both new structures as well as the rehabilitation of old heritage buildings.

TDI expanded its distribution through specialised teams of trained and well-equipped applicators who are available all over India to provide quality application of our products.

Our marketing strategy :
"Smaller companies win through co-operatives, without loosing their independence, the market position of today’s large multinationals"
                                                       - Thomas J. Peters, Management Consultant.

   To offer technologically advanced
       waterproofing solutions of the
       highest quality.

   To enhance durability and safety
       of buildings.

   Remain environmentally responsible.